We believe in a collective and inclusive work ethic and in the importance of Collaboration with consultants and experts in different disciplines. As designers our Responsibility is always towards the social and environmental impact of our design as we pursue Quality as the final goal and higher motive driving every project.

We look at Design as the art of finding simple answers to complex questions. Every project is as a challenge to overcome through Creativity and ignited by the Fun we still have doing what we love. We always look at every project from a different perspective, think and design outside the box.



Every design is a challenge to overcome through creativity. We always look at every project from a different perspective, think and design outside the box. We encourage our designers to express their talent without constraints and we foster free thinking as a fundamental part of the creative process.



We believe in a collective and inclusive work ethic and in the importance of collaboration on every project. Since our early days, we have always sought the participation of experts of different disciplines and endorsed the partnership with other design firms. Many of these firms, have become our long term partners and helped us shaping what MUDI is today.



Social and Environmental impact of design are unavoidable. As designers we always bear in mind our responsibility towards future generations and the world they will live in. In every project we aim to develop a design that both positively affects future users’ lives and their social interactions, and minimizes its environmental footprint.



Quality is the main goal behind every project and the final result of our consolidated design method. Quality exceeds trends and manifests itself in time, being an inherent trait of good design. We pursue Design Quality as a higher cause driven by our passion and determination to surpass ourselves every time.



Our team thrives in a social, collaborative and productive space that encourages playfulness while at work. Adding enjoyment back into the workplace contributes to a stress-free environment that always generates new ideas and helps achieving our goals.


MUDI is both a completely independent architectural firm and a platform for designers or design companies who want to benefit from our experience and track record in the Chinese market.

As an independent firm, we have always put a strong focus on energy efficient architectural design and sustainable urban planning that aim for a positive social and environmental impact.

Our competence in different fields of design is globally fueled and supported by multiple partners, collaborators and consultants working with us in Shanghai and overseas. Throughout the years this approach has become a consolidated work method that has generated hundreds of successful collaborations and award-winning projects in China and abroad.

Today MUDI is also a platform that supports other design professionals providing a shared space, administrative assistance and technical expertise.



  • Architecture
  • Urban Planning
  • Building Refurbishment
  • Interior design
  • Landscape design


  • Communication
  • Coordination on the ground
  • Design Research
  • Design Production
  • Visualizations and Multimedia
  • Admin Services (HR, financial assistance)
  • Office-in-Office
  • Troubleshooting


  • Market Research
  • Strategy Reports
  • Sustainability Strategies
  • Intercultural Mediation