The site is located in Hangzhou, in the southern part of Gongshu District, one of the main urban areas in the northeast of the city. Site’s location is really peculiar for its historical and natural environment. From the very first stages of our design we wanted our project to match the neighborhood features, merging with the old urban fabric and fitting the local community needs.




Our main goal is to foster the beginning of a creative cultural district that integrates housing with art communities, offices, bars, cafes, architect studios, exhibition areas and company headquarters. All of which become the ‘infrastructure’ for a creative community to develop and grow.



Both private and public space are intended to give to their users a comfortable, pleasant, healthy working and living environment which are the generators of a socio-cultural network and a successful commercial activity. Our project aim to create a not invasive mixed-use development which integrates harmoniously with the existing built and natural environment.



An artistic footprint will be important for this district to attract young and creative users together with some of China’s most famous artists and designers. It will also enhance an innovative branding for Winland. An art district will become an attraction for other local and international designers and will heighten the value of the area for sales purposes. It will also give credibility to the area and by signing a few key people at early phases will make the development much sought after.




The sunken plaza is the heart of the mixed-use complex. Commercial and art events, performances and entertainment take place in the covered plaza from which the B1 commercial level is easily accessible. The sinuous glass roof covers the event space from the rain and from the excessive sun exposure.




The overall master plan maintains a traditional North-South symmetric layout. To enhance the central axis, two high-rise office towers are placed at the South main entrance, becoming the representative gateway of the entire complex. Located exactly in the center of the North-South axis, in the most prominent position between the two gateway towers, is the Exhibition and Conference Hall, a mutifunctional space designed to host art and corporate events, exhibitions and conferences.



A Sustainable design approach always starts from the optimization of the buildings potential. Smart and inexpensive design choices as the orientation or the cross ventilation of the buildings, bring to impressive and crucial energy consumption reduction.



Besides the fundamental ecological and technological issues, our integrated design takes also into account economic and social aspects. We create a quantifiable economical value through an additional innovative living concept and marketing-oriented architectural design incorporating a higher construction quality, design details and materials.














Hangzhou, China


Winland Group


118,300 sqm






Concept Design


Mixed-Use, Office, Exhibition, Commercial