Located in the Liangang industrial area of Jinwan District in Zhuhai, the plot is part of a regeneration project aiming to upgrade a former industrial area with very low living and working standards. The existing buildings left on site belonged to a former shoe factory and will be entirely renovated and re-purposed. On the remaining 100,000 m2 of the site, a mix of offices, R&D incubators and production facilities will be completing the program for the new Kongtiangang Industrial Park.



Liangang industrial area is in a privileged position along Zhuhai Avenue, with a direct connection to Zhuhai International Airport linking the area to the economic circle of Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Furthermore the site is also adjacent to a well-rounded set of supporting facilities that complete the offer of services for the population of Liangang area.



General Layout:

The site has a rectangular shape North-South oriented. The existing buildings are located almost exactly in the center of the plot, naturally dividing the area into three parts: North, center and South.



The overall urban planning concept shows a clear program distribution in each zone and cars-pedestrians separation which, together with the underground car parking, aim to maximize the public space above ground.



Research & Development Zone

The North portion of the development is organized with 7 to 9-storeys blocks aligned along the boundaries to create the urban front and a cluster of smaller single 5-storeys units in the center and separated by a series of pocket gardens.



Multiple building typologies maximize the flexibility and adaptability of each unit. The central individual units are R&D incubators which can be entirely occupied by one single company or floor by floor by smaller start-ups; the larger blocks along the edge of the plot have instead a more efficient open plan ideal for labs, co-working or for companies with large amount of employees. Here the public space permeates the entire central area resulting in a human scale series of semi-private gardens serving single unit incubators.



Support and Logistics Area

The central area is designated for support and logistics. The existing dormitory is transformed into staff single unit apartments and the two large factory buildings assume the function of warehouse and logistics.



Integrated Services Area

Located in the most visible position from Zhuhai Ave., this is the most representative area of the development, including six headquarters high-rise office towers, conference halls and commercial podiums. The public space is open and connected with the rest of the development.



Being the representative urban front of the industrial park, the architecture required a bold and iconic design that could make the towers standout over the rest of the development. The stacking volumes of the towers and the multiple sky-gardens created both correspond to the functional requirements and adapt to the subtropical climate conditions of Zhuhai.



Jinwan District, Zhuhai, China


Huafa Group


180,000 sqm


359,265 sqm






Concept Design


Industrial Park