Our design approach is based on the Philips philiosophy and company branding in terms of product design and focus on the consumer to enhance and complement their life experience. The essence of the Philips brand is expressed by three mission statements: sense & simplicity – creativity & innovation – sustainability & social responsibility.



Our design and concept approach focuses on these mission statements by responding to Philips’s philosophy and integrating Philips’s product design and branding to create a building with recognition value which benefits and stimulates its occupants and visitors in equal terms.




The building’s organization and design combines the demands on modern office spaces with a beneficial and complementing work environment. This is achieved through a flexible layout within a clearly structured zoning arrangement and the application of modern information technology to enhance the creativity and productiveness of the work force.The orientation and internal arrangement of the new building reflects the response and the utilization of the natural parameters and existing site conditions.



The building’s internal circulation follows a clear hierarchy of main paths which enable the occupants to experience the spatial volume of the building. The animated, interactive visitor ramp which guides the visitor from the atrium space to the showroom. The shallow stair around the volume of the atrium is the main circulation and social interactive space which connects the offices.



A dominant element of the building is the central atrium space providing benefits of spatial experience, space for social interaction and integration of green technologies. Together, a more comfortable and enhancing environment is created for employees and visitors alike. Adjacent to the atrium, an interactive ramp guides the visitor from the reception area to the showroom on the second floor where along the way, visitors will experience interactive displays, installations of the latest technologies, and see a showcase of products.




Inspired by the clean and sinuous aesthetic appearance of Philips products, the design features an abstract and amorphous white aluminium panel façade that dynamically wraps around the floor spaces with convex and concave curves.



The rooftop consists of landscaped green space and is utilized for solar power harvesting. An important feature is the integration of a light test rack as part of the green technology set up to reuse the heat energy waste and light up the building.













Shanghai, China


Philips China


2,200 sqm




Competition 1st Prize


Concept Design