Located in the Pei County development zone in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, the Science and Technology Park is set to become the cradle of research and development, innovation and production in the fields of electronic technology, mechanical and electrical machinery, big data, creative design industry. Designed in accordance to the strictest german Green Building standard requirements, this development represents a Pilot Green Building Project for Pei County and once completed it will be the first certified DGNB City Quarter in China.



The architectural design covers 6 small scale science and technology incubator office buildings and a science and technology exhibition pavilion in the supporting service area, with a total construction area of 26800 square meters. The distribution of the buildings follows the semicircular shape of the plot with the smaller office units located around the exhibition hall in the center.



The Science and Technology Park will primarily be used in the daytime between 9am to 6pm, therefore building massing, shape and facade design are crucial to achieve a good indoor natural lighting and optimal solar exposure without over heating the units. For this reason the facade design not only adapts to the orientation of the office units, but also gradually changes on each side, with wider and more frequent openings towards the North and narrower and more sparse openings towards the South.



Controlling the ratio between exterior transparent and solid walls, a careful positioning of the openings and an effective sunshading, are the main aspects of the facade design that contribute to a low terminal heating/cooling. In terms of sunshading, these three main features are in use: a gradient fritted glazing at the top and bottom of each window; perforated panels fully covering the openings; vertical perforated fins at the side of the windows. A combination of these three elements is put in place differently according to the orientation of the office building.



The Exhibition Center is designed to host temporary exhibitions by the Tech companies working in the surroundings. It is located in the center of the semicircular plot with its exterior side open towards the main road and a waterfront park, while its circular inner side is facing the six incubator buildings. To enhance its public character, a sloped green roof covers the whole building and is seamlessly connected to the ground floor allowing the public to access the cafe at the second floor. The sloped green roof also facilitate the position and efficiency of a large set of photovoltaic panels.



As the incubators, the facade of the Exhibition Center is designed following the orientation. In the summer the solar radiation is reduced through high efficient sun-shading; the remaining solar radiation is absorbed directly by the cooled surfaces of the activated slabs to avoid distributing the heat in the building. The floor slabs are cooled by an integrated pipe system to 20 °C. The relatively high temperature guarantees that condensation is not happening. Displacement ventilation through the floor and walls to only ventilate and cool the occupation zone (< 3m). During the winter the activated floor slabs are heated by the pipe system up to 30°C.







Xuzhou, Peixian, Jiangsu, China


Pei County Municipality




Under construction


Concept Design / Design Development / Construction


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