Zhuhai has been named China’s most livable city for the past three years. The annual report compiled by the Chinese Academy of Social Scienc­es measures criteria like environmental factors, housing prices, and economic competitiveness. Zhihui Wan Innovation Center will be the first development to be built in the Zhuhai hi-tech zone. Therefore, it will set the standards for the rest of the development around this industrial zone. Our goal is to combine high standards, top quality, optimal comfort, high efficiency, in a sustainable and innovative design intended to become the benchmark image of Zhuhai Hi-tech Zone.



In order to excel in a competitive global market, municipalities need to take advantage of dis­tinctive attributes of their territory and establish a unique identity for their development. Zhihui Wan Innovation Center showcases the highest standards of design and sustainability and will contribute to an enviable urban environment that attracts companies, celebrates lifestyle and stimulates economic activity.



The high-end new Industrial complex development project includes incubators, residential, commercial, industrial research and de­velopment and aims to create a one-stop platform for young and ambitious entrepreneurs. Flexible working spaces and affordable housing will also encourage college students’ entrepreneurial teams and start-ups to start here their careers.


Our design follows four simple design principles:


FLEXIBILITY – to accommodate the diversity of users’ needs.

FUNCTIONALITY – to maximize the efficiency of the working space.

ATTRACTIVENESS – to increase the economic value of the investment.

SUSTAINABILITY – to adapt to Zhuhai’s subtropical climate.




The design of office park is inspired by the unique Lingnan traditional garden in southern part of China. The enclosed master plan layout generates a green park in the center of the plot linked to the underground car parking by a sunken plaza. The public space is extremely permeable and shared by each office building, largely improving the working environment of the whole development.



The master plan is divided into three main areas. To the South is the representative area of the R&D Center as the new industrial technology research pole and venture incubator. The central area includes low-rise and middle-rise independent office buildings surrounding the central garden and sunken plaza. To the North, the talents apartment tower is located away from the main crossroad and represents the counter-part to the R&D Center completing the volumetric composition.



The entry gate is a common architectural element of Chinese heritage. Easily recognizable in both villages and public gardens, it marks the beginning of a specific area and often the transition between public and private spaces. With its unique design inspired by ancient City Gates, the R&D Center acts as a landmark building and becomes the icon of the office park, by welcoming workers and outside visitors. Business related commercial including F&B, retail, and day-to-day shopping is distributed in the podium of the R&D Center.







Surrounding the central landscape area are eight garden-style independent office buildings have a large amount of green terrace and roof garden to connect the garden not only visually but also functionally.







The talent apartment tower set in the north of the plot, which fully utilizes the abundant sunlight in the south side and green terraces, maximizes the utilization of subtropical climate and improves the living experience at the same time.



Zhuhai is a subtropical city. Therefore, in this project we try to apply more sustainable strategies. We open up more to natural light, capturing ambient daylight and cooling breezes, reducing the energy needs. Shaded outdoor spaces with panoramic views to create memorable places to meet and relax. Generous planting, rooftop and green walls, embedding green into the city and enriching the urban biodiversity.



Openness, permeability and a strong connection with the natural environment are the main characteristics of well-designed subtropical cities. The lush central garden and the architecture façade, embrace the city’s subtropical climate, opening up to natural light and air, capturing ambient daylight and cooling breezes, reducing the energy needs, while providing lush landscaping, shade and comfort.



Through a contemporary approach to the working space environment needs and an innovative and vibrant architectural de­sign we managed to define a strong identity that sets Zhihui Wan Innovation Center as a role model for the future development of the Hi-tech zone.



Zhuhai, China


Huafa Group Co., Ltd.


30,000 sqm


76,019 sqm






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