24/10/2019 – MUDI presents a lecture about effective architectural strategies in schools design

After being strongly inspired by MUDI’s design for Nanjing Hexi Primary School, a panel of experts from the Planning and Education Bureau of Hexi District in Nanjing, invited MUDI to hold a lecture about effective strategies and innovative solutions that can be applied in schools design to improve the learning environment. The meeting was hosted by Liu Jianhua, deputy general manager of Xincheng Company and attended by Jianye District Education Bureau, Jiangsu Provincial Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Xincheng Company. Relevant personnel from the engineering department and the previous department also participated.

Education is the backbone of every modern society and the foundation taught to young generations. However most of us generally don’t question conventional education system and conventional schools but rather accept them for what they are. Architects cannot change the education system, but they certainly can design a better learning environment for the kids affecting positively their education.

Managing Director Roland Winkler and Creative Director Livio Ercoli presented MUDI’s vision of how architects can make a meaningful impact on children’s schooling through an alternative design approach used in all their projects for Education.

After the speech, the participants held a Q&A session discussing the concept, function, use, and current problems of educational buildings design.