10/08/2020 – Nanjing Hexi N.4 Primary School first school year inauguration

The entire MUDI team was thrilled to receive the photos of the first school year inauguration of Nanjing Hexi n. 4 Primary School. Teachers and school  management staff welcomed the first students enrolled and their parents to celebrate the beginning of the school year. Due to Covid-19 restrictions to guarantee the safety of kids and staff, only six classrooms of the first grade and about 200 pupils will begin the first school year. The number of students enrolled will reach regular capacity from 2021.

The school teachers greeted the students and their parents in the auditorium hall introducing them to the exciting school’s features before having a tour of the classrooms and laboratories. The new school uniforms have also been officially revealed leaving us utterly pleased to see that the color tones have been chosen to match the school’s bright green.

Our team is truly looking forward to visiting the school again during school hours and get to know the first reactions of the only people that really mattered to us from the beginning of the design: the students!