31/12/2020 – Planning Bureau Approval for “Community Cloud” Green Community Center in Zhuhai

MUDI in collaboration with MLA+ won the final stage of the competition for the design of Pingsha Commercial and Community Center. The conceptual design has been confirmed and on its way to obtain the official urban planning permit. Located at the heart of a large high-rise housing area, the complex is set to become a reference point for the community of Pingsha New Town. The concept merges public space with architecture, combining spaces for social life of the community on multiple interconnected levels. The result is “Community Cloud”, a multilevel mixed-use facility that integrates office, hospitality, commerce, neighborhood center, leisure and sport etc.

What could have easily become a conventional shopping mall ‘retail box’ and office towers, is instead an open and active destination for the nearby community. The diverse program and the hyper-connectivity of the public space break with the conventional segregation of programs and land-use in current Chinese planning. Spaces for shopping and eating supporting the office and hotel blocks, seamlessly blend with recreational and sports areas for the community. The human scale public space and the architecture are designed to encourage social interactions and create relationships, bringing different groups together in a mixed-use urban development that is the pulsating heart of a community. Once completed, the project will be the largest vertical green architecture in Zhuhai.