04/02/2021 – Happy Chinese New Year!

2020 was a difficult year for everyone for many different reasons that are, in one way or another, linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. It was exactly one year ago when we started hearing the first rumors of an infectious virus originated in the city of Wuhan that could have spread all over China and potentially disrupt our New Year’s holidays plans. Sadly, we learnt that it was all true and far more serious than what originally thought.

Our Shanghai office officially re-opened on February 5th 2020 as soon as the authorities confirmed that it was safe for certain business to gradually start working again after three weeks of full and unconditioned stop. In order to enforce the guidelines provided by the WHO, we asked our staff to follow several simple rules to keep everyone safe in the office space. As a result of us complying these safety rules and taking care for each other, we were lucky enough not to experience any Covid-19 cases among our staff, colleagues, co-workers and close friends in China.

Although China managed to respond swiftly and effectively to the health emergency, the entire field of construction and architecture design was inevitably hit by the consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic.

One year has passed and we can already see that things are slowly getting back to normal: some projects that were put on hold have been unlocked and new exciting projects are in the pipeline. Confident in the opportunities and new projects laying ahead, MUDI and MLA+ Shanghai wish all our clients, colleagues and friends a happy and prosperous New Year of the Ox! 身体健康,牛运享通,恭喜发财!