In 2017 Callaway Golf Company China decided to boost their presence on the local market through a strong marketing campaign and a total refurbishment of their main stores seeking a brand new image for the brand. MUDI had the opportunity to design three key stores in China – two in Beijing including the flagship store and one in Shenzhen – and forge the new identity of the brand.




The Beijing Flagship store is the largest. The strategy for the layout is to distribute the spaces according to the items exposed and make the circulation and way-finding clear for the customers.



The minimal design of the shop’s front allows to display most of the shop’s items and makes them visible from afar. The few elements of the front – like the illuminated big “V” of the logo and the top black banner – are designed enhance the brand’s identity.



In contrast with the bright white surfaces of the display racks and counters, are the bamboo boards at the bottom of the display units and in the counter’s backdrop. Where the bright white represents the purity, precision and technical innovation of the brand, the warmth of the wood and the green turf brings back to the golf field and the contact with nature.



A special feature for this store is a custom-made tea table and storage specifically requested by the tenants. This feature combines the necessity of storage space with the local tradition of having tea during negotiations with the customers. With its simple and elegant design, the tea table becomes a central element of the interior design.


The only Callaway shop designed in Shenzhen replicates most of the design features of its Beijing counterpart: rational layout organization, minimalist design and bright colors for the display units, wood and green turf for selected areas.



Callaway Shenzhen is the first of the three shops featuring an interactive touch-screen desk as the centerpiece in the shopping area. The touch-screen helps the customers to navigate through the brand’s technological innovation and discover new products, golf events and the stories of Callaway’s pro player endorsers.



The second Callaway shop designed in Beijing is about half the size of the Flagship store in the capital. In order to stregthen the brand’s new image, all the elements of design proposed in the other stores are kept despite the size of the shopping area.




Shenzhen and Beijing, China


Callaway Golf Company China


80sqm, 120sqm, 150sqm






Concept Design / Design Development / Construction


Retail store