The plan to build a park for bicycles on Chongming island is closing the gap of lacking sports activity areas in the closer surroundings of Shanghai. People from all walks of life, locals and internationals, young and old people, professional bikers and beginners, will use the park and make it a place full of life and activity in one of the most beautiful areas close to Shanghai, not only on weekends but also during the week.



Through its proximity to Shanghai, the Chongming bicycle park will become a major attraction and especially on weekends it will be packed with people, either practcing bike sports or just spending a weekend with their families, seeing interesting new things and exploring the world of the bicycle.



The design task consists of three main public buildings in the park: a Visitor Center, a Bicycle Museum and a Multi-functional Center. The Bike Museum will be the major attraction in the park, with exhibitions showing the history, the development and future trends of cycling. Interactivity will play a big role, allowing the visitor to explore, understand and experience directly the different aspects of cycling.



The Bike museum is the highlight of the park and therefore the architecture needed to be strong and functional. For museums we find that ramp architecture works very well and allows to create an exciting functional exhibition space. A double helix, as the main vertical traffic system, offers a unique design idea and adds another dimension to the museum, interactivity and fun.



The helix is designed to be used extensively, allowing to study the exhibitions on the interior ramp during the way upwards until the roof is reached. From here the view will be amazing, it is the highest building on site and the roof is fully accessible and equipped with several options to rest or to be active. Bikes can be rented for the ride downwards, on the exterior part of the helix.



Due to its location, half in the lake and half on land, the rider will partly be above water and partly above the land, an unforgettable experience.



The Multi Function building is located on a small island, being the only structure on it. This great location with many beautiful views over the lake and the whole park needed to be used and strengthened. Our design idea emphasizes an architecture in harmony with its surroundings with a terrace style building shape, allowing many interesting view points, distributed over the whole building.



The green roof architecture not only protects the building, but also saves energy and water and gives the visitor a natural feeling on different height levels in combination with the wonderful view over the lake.



The Visitor Center represents and at the same time characterizes the relationship between sport, technology, social awareness, recreation and the evolution of biking in a strong and welcoming gesture. Our design is derived from a bicycle wheel, transporting it into a new dimension, shaping a strong gate and reflecting the main activities the Bike Park offers.



Chongming Island, Shanghai, China




40,000 sqm






Concept Design


Exhibition, Visitor Center, Sports park