Guizhou, one of the poorest regions in the country, is blessed with astonishingly beautiful country side and ancient traditions. Today, Guizhou and the city of Guiyang are seeking to develop further their economic growth pressing ahead with more opening-up policies and improved investments especially in tourism.



Qianling Mountain Park is located 1.5 Km from the center of Guiyang and covers an area of 426 hectares. Qianling Mountain is one of the most known and visited mountains in southern Guizhou. There are several famous scenic destinations for tourists in Qianling Park such as Macaque Garden, Hongfu Temple, Kylin cave, Qianling zoo, Qianling Lake.



The design of our observation deck needs to be integrated with the surrounding beautiful scenery, in order to achieve harmony between man and nature, and sustainable development. With a very limited budget for public amenities, only a few modes of transportation are feasible. Therefore our first strategy is to implement the use of the existing cable car reaching the top of the hill from the nearby village.




Additionally, the North side of the hill can be equipped roads for with electric cars for sightseeing that can take visitors to the top of the hill from Hongfu Temple. Roads will have to be created for the transportation of construction materials to the top of the hill; the same roads can be later paved for the electric cars.



We connect the most exposed tip of the hill with the platform’s base by adding a pedestrian landscape bridge. The skywalk bridge diverts ordinary tourists and paying tourists who are the only ones allowed to enter the viewing platform and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery. The skywalk bridge continues with a 360° panoramic spiral sloped deck that reaches the three main viewing platforms. The lightweight inner structure doesn’t obstruct the views while visitors walk up. The exterior sides of the spiral are covered with a dynamic pattern inspired by the local art.






Guiyang, Guizhou, China




2,300 sqm






Competition 1st Prize