Leading a High Quality Life in Coastal Shenzhen

Xiao Mei Sha is positioned as the only multi-purpose urban coast in Asia that combines ecological and natural sightseeing, artistic and cultural exchanges. Xiao Mei Sha will experience an innovative sea-life model, explore the core of the ocean, and create a marine-themed tourism, living and business area for the people of the Bay Area. With its unique artistic atmosphere and high-quality leisure facilities, it will stand out in many tourist areas and become the first choice for Shenzhen citizens.



Our goal is to enrich the urban beachfront with a World-class mixed-use urban development specifically designed to enhance the urban beach experience through its bold architecture design and attractive program and set to become one of the highlights of the Greater Bay Area.


Design Inspiration

Dim sum are one of the most valued and proud culinary traditions in South China. As for a great Dim Sum meal, what makes an urban development successful is not just the sequence of different functions, but the experience offered to the users that makes them want to stay and come back for more.



The challenge that modern day multi-level retail poses is how to entice visitors to explore the higher levels of the development. This can be achieved by clear views, good wayfinding and a destination at the top. An exciting path full of small events, anchor stores, specialized commercial and outdoor terraces leads to the “Box of Delights” at level 4, a multifunctional space for entertainment, conferences, sports and fun topped by a great sky garden open to the seaside.


Design Concept

The spatial and volumetric organization of the new development is organized in programmatic strips parallel to the waterfront. From the smallest grain of sand and individual beachfront retail pavilions to the village organization of commercial activities to the big scale volumes of the town towers that form the backbone of the project. Akin to a perfect ‘cross section of life’ the programmatic distribution allows for all aspects of urban living representing LIVE – WORK – PLAY, from playful frolicking on the beach to commercial variety for modern city life to the office towers representing work.




Design Elements

The “ingredients” elements of our design are the “Ocean Valley” as the human scale underground shopping mall; “Lingnan Village” as the commercial retail area that is using Lingnan style architecture as its main theme; “Coral Towers” as the high-rise development for service apartments, offices and hotel; the “Box of Delights” as the multi-functional space for entertainment.

Ocean Valley

The Ocean theme is reflected in the curves of the shopping area that facilitate the visitors’ flow and provides an ever changing shopping experience in an organically shaped retail street environment. At B1 level the area corresponding to the subway station below becomes the main pedestrian circulation axis connecting both plots. The connection between the plots is at road level, further allowing direct connections to the beachfront via underground tunnels.



Lingnan Village

The joy of eating Dim Sum with friends and family is not only the great taste and company of great people but it also is an overwhelming visual experience of steaming baskets piling high on the table with ever greater delights being revealed. Inviting to explore different levels, courtyards and alleyways and to reveal the secrets of the commercial development one by one in the Lingnan Village is by providing quality spaces and connections of the commercial street and the higher levels of the retail village.

Columnades, shaded alleys, linear façade design and integration with natural elements are all characteristics of the local Lingnan architecture. Our design rediscovers the local identity in a contemporary interpretation that focuses on visitors experience and comfort.

Coral Towers

The four high rise towers are located above the commercial plinth on the North side of each plot. The distance between each tower fulfills the view axis constraints. Inspired by the porous exterior surface of corals, each tower’s façade is unique and it is designed to optimize the views towards the sea and the surrounding mountains whilst offering sufficient sun-shading.


Box of Delights

The crowning jewel of the beachfront village is the ‘Box of Delights’. A multi-functional column-less space overlooking the bay designed to host a wide range of events: on one end conferences, arts exhibitions, fashion shows and galas; at the other end a sports and entertainment a go-to destination for youngsters and adults and e-competition enthusiasts. The ‘Box of Delights’ is topped by a green linear park forming the highlight of the vertical loop circulation, provides a wonderful mountain-sea landscape observation platform and outdoor leisure activities. The sky garden would also be the green crown of Xiaomeisha Bay.


















Shenzhen, China


Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Development Group Co., Ltd.


41760 sqm


239000 sqm






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