The Zhuhai Free Trade Zone as a coastal port area plays a unique role, in accordance with the integration of the industrial and urban, the development of production and finance and through high standards of planning and construction, naturally integrating with the Hengqin New Area, thus becoming a Free Trade New City with industrial and urban integration, beautiful environment, and prospering development.



The Huafa R&D Center will be the first high-rise building to be built in the Zhuhai Free Trade Zone. Therefore it will set the standards for the rest of the development. The tower is set to become a high-end International Business destination that incorporates supporting commercial and residential functions through its serviced apartments.



The inspiration for the architecture comes from the scenic mountainous areas in Southern China. These unique rock formations seem to pierce the forest and stand out against the sky. The distinctive color of the sandstone and its horizontal erosion lines are only interrupted by sparse vegetation on the few flat surfaces that draw green rings around the rocks. Rivers and waterfall are common at the base of these natural wonders.



To compete in a competitive global market, cities need to take advantage of distinctive attributes and establish a unique identity.  Huafa ZhiRen R&D Center showcases the highest standards of design and sustainability and will contribute to an enviable urban environment that attracts investment and tourism, celebrates our lifestyle and stimulates economic activity.



In order to meet the high development requirements of Zhuhai’s western area, the project aims to boost the appeal and strengthen the urban character of Doumen District, improving the quality of life of the local communities and promoting the rapid development of the surrounding rural area. The project is located in the riverside district of Doumen river, embedded in a beautiful natural landscape, surrounded by lush hills to North-East and a series of landmark buildings and public facilities.



Openness, permeability and a strong connection with the natural environment are the main characteristics of well-designed subtropical cities. The office tower and its commercial podium embrace the city’s subtropical climates, opening up to natural light and air, capturing ambient daylight and cooling breezes, reducing the energy needs, while providing lush landscaping, shade and comfort.



Taking inspiration from the principles of the local Ling’an architecture and its inner courtyards, the commercial plaza and the main public outdoor spaces will benefit from the sunlight mostly throughout the whole year whilst it remains protected from the outside noise of the street.



At all levels of the tower, vegetation transforms individual balconies, outdoor terraces and rooftop decks into shaded liveable outdoor spaces.




The South side of the tower is treated with an horizontal facade that optimize the sun-shading. On this side we see a continuity between facade of the tower and the commercial podium.



The North facade is correspondent to the office buildings and does not require excessive sun-shading. For this reason, the facade system is designed to only block the solar exposure from the West and avoid indoor overheating. At the same time, the zig-zag facade allows views towards the South-East city skylines of Macau and Shizimen)





Zhuhai, China


Huafa Group


121,000 sqm






Concept Design


Office, Commercial, Service Apartments